Grant County Food Guide
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How to Buy and Eat Local
» Buy directly from a local producer. Contact some of the producers listed here.

» Go to the John Day Farmers Market (seasonal). Support the local vendors who come out to the market for your convenience.

» Get involved with a community garden. Grow your own food, or food for someone in need at one of the several community gardens around the county.

» Buy from a retailer that sells or prepares locally produced food. Encourage local retailers to source their products locally by purchasing from local producers and processors.

» Buy locally raised whole animals. Contact one of the livestock producers to arrange the purchase of an animal for meat, then contact a custom meat processor for the kill, cut and wrap.


The mission of the Grant County Local Food Guide is simple: to make fresh, healthy food from local producers more available and affordable to Grant County residents, while making resources available for producers.

Originally created in partnership with an AmeriCorps/RARE (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments) participant, the Grant County Economic Development Department and with assistance from the Grant County Oregon State University Extension Service, the Guide serves to enhance the entire local food system.

The Grant County Local Food Guide welcomes producers to participate from Grant, Baker, Union, Morrow, Umatilla, Wheeler, Crook, Harney, and Malheur Counties.

We encourage you to contact us for more information about selling your own produce through our service or buying fresh foods from a local grower. The Grant County Local Food Guide is a completely free public service and we welcome your participation.

Buy local food
  • Supporting local farmers creates jobs.

    By supporting your local farmers and producers you are promoting their livelihood. If our local farmers are successful at what they do and can sell their products then they will be able to expand and hire others to help with their production, thus creating more local jobs in a sector that directly benefits the local community.

  • Local money stays in the local economy.

    Money spent with a local farmer, rancher, producer, processor, and retailer stays within your community. It circulates and pays the wages of not just one Grant County resident, but several. Keeping money within the community allows for just a little more money in everyoneís pocket. Locally spent dollars increase the quality of life within the community.

  • Fresh food is more available and healthier.

    Given that locally produced food does not have to travel great distances to get to your plate the costs of that transportation are cut out of the productís price. Locally produced food also spends less time sitting around between when it is harvested and when it ends up at your table giving you the freshest food possible. Fresh produce has a higher nutritional value because it is picked when ripe not before. Produce that has to travel a distance is usually picked before it is ripe for the purpose of storage and shipment. A local diet generally consists of more fresh fruits and vegetables, leading to a very healthy diet.

  • Locally produced food costs less.

    By supporting local producers you are also allowing them to put more resources back into what they do, produce food. As a result local food becomes more and more affordable.

  • You know where your food is coming from.

    When you meet the farmer, rancher, or processor who is producing and processing your food you know what went into producing it and how it was processed.

  • Reduces dependency on fossil fuels.

    Local foods do not have to travel very far on a truck to get to your table. Therefore fewer fossil fuels are needed to transport your food to you.

  • Allows Grant County to be self-sufficient.

    By supporting the production of food within Grant County we do not have to depend solely on food coming in from other places. The community as a whole can also be more self-sufficient economically. A strong local food system can lead to the self-sufficiency of both individuals and the community.

  • Itís been done before!

    Historically the people of Grant County lived and ate locally. From the early days of the countyís settlement until the mid 1900s there was very little food transported into the county and the people of Grant County did not travel elsewhere to buy their food. Most of the food consumed in Grant County was produced here.